I am currently training to be a professional masseur. This web page contains material that I have produced as part of my course. It may be of interest to people wishing to learn massage.

Massage screen saver

  • For Windows '95, '98 and NT. Download (856k)
  • To install: unzip it and run the program
  • This screen saver is a sliding tile puzzle to help with your revision. There are fifteen puzzles in total; most are labelled diagrams of muscles and the rest are pictures of massages. Once you have completed all of the puzzles it lets you start again at a harder level, or use your own pictures.

    Essays and notes on massage

  • Instructions - a quick reference for a full body massage
  • History - a whirlwind tour through the history of massage
  • Ethics - professional practice and ethics
  • These are essays that I wrote as part of my coursework.

    Other sites of interest

    ITEC, the International Therapy Examination Council, provides courses leading to exams and professional status in massage and other theraies.

    The Lauterstein Conway Massage School is a reliable looking massage school with a comprehensive web site including such things as curriculum details.

    Hands On is the massage society at the University of Cambridge.

    Marshcouch are a UK suppliers of massage tables. I got my table from them.

    The Society for Human Sexuality have a thorough reference on Erotic Massage.

    Gordon Inkeles has written some superb books:
    The New Sensual Massage (from
    The New Massage (from and is oriented a little more towards sport and health.
    The Art of Sensual Massage (from and is his original book and looks kind of hippyish.