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0 Be positive. People don't come to a massage to be told how tense they are. Enjoy yourself, enjoy paying attention to all details of their body, and they'll enjoy it as well. Both parties are here to enjoy.

1 Professionalism. Undivided attention, not carry over problems, well, no false claims, well-being of client, nice environment. Professional distance not counselor, confidential. Check table legs between clients.

2 Trust and rapport. Helps to get trust before start working deeply. Cover with towel and work through that. Put hand on, synchronised with breathing. Is it slow? fast? If not relaxed, can't work deep yet. If do go in deep, must pull out gradual ly. How hard to you press? As hard as client wants: you have to lock in, be in sympathy. Exercise: client sits cross-legged, masseur kneels behind. First tensed clenched fists on shoulders, down and up slightly in rhythm with breathing and rub down deltoi ds, then limp fists: client can tell if you are tense.

3 Biodynamics. Before start, questions. The mental expresses itself in the physical. Eyes shut or open? Feet digging into ground, knees bent, timid? Lower back sore from forcing defiance at world? Client hiding from masseur, or relaxed? Triceps are for saying no, biceps yes: are either weak? If left shoulder tense, then right waist also hurts and left buttock.

4 Contraindications. Fever, skin eruptions, large bruises, inflamed joints, sensitive veins, varicose, tumors, contact lenses, alcohol, period, eaten a lot, nut allergy, appendix:2yr/6m, wheat-germ, lenses

5 Time. Full body is a long massage (149 strokes here). Do some good strokes lots, but most fewer times.

6 Misc. Generally, keep fingers together.

7 Knots. Tense shoulders and let go. Muscles should elastically bounce up like rubber: not slow, limiting, old-aged. When muscles injured (muscle hit, or over-trained and torn) filaments, fibers break and blood glues them together. With a knot i n middle of muscle it won't stretch as far: rest of muscle stretches further to compensate, tears, more and more becomes hardened. Trauma has ripples. Even distort walk. And old person is like a history book.

8 Friction. Rapid oscillating pressure. For deep arterial tissue circulation. Aids lymph flow. At joints, over lymph nodes, internal organs. Can be done without oil. Skin and your hand move as one.
Knuckles and elbows. To get right deep. Elbow especially is little work on your part. For example, knuckles on soles and elbow on buttocks.
Percussion. Light-cushioned blows over well-muscled. Soothes nerves, tones skin. Back of legs and back. Side of hand.
Kneading. Rhythmic lifting and squeezing flesh. Pumps through nutrients, drains waste. For soft fleshy parts, and most muscles. Either small pinches, larger folds of flesh perhaps rolling up to thumbs, or use both palms to press deep on back, legs.
Effleurage. Constant pressure with both hands. Venous circulation. Everywhere, and important at extremities. Towards heart to aid veins, lymph. If kneeling on floor, work from stomach and use hips not just arms: lets you put more intention, put in your whole body.
Passive exercise. Pulling, rotating parts to exercise joints. Increase mobility, strengthen ligaments and tendons.
Brushing. Light fingertip or long hair, to transfer sensation from one part to another.


Contraindication: dislocated shoulder, vertebrae problems. Don't go above v-point near top of shoulders/neck if head on side (it'll rock). Periodically ask if would like to switch neck over. In a deep massage, percussion might be counterproductive. Loo sen belt, tuck towel under pants and pull them down a little.

0 Towel work. Put hand on and get to know breathing. Gently push hand on erector spinii when lungs empty.
Effleurage. Bath hands facing inwards going up back. At first free and easy all over. Then okay to press down very hard: glide heavy. Avoid direct pressure on spine. Should barely feel edge of spine between fingertips. Work up over shoulders then d own sides, not as hard. Or, start at top and go down back with fingertips pointing to bottom.

1 Glute U-shapes. Small U-shaped circles down sides of glutes. Lots of people find this ticklish, women like it.
Trace edge of sacrum. (triangle at base of spine).

2 Circles up either side of spine. Use three fingers plus other hand on top. Press then slide, circle. Work towards heart. Slow down! Control, not rush. Have 'up' side of circle close to spine. Leave knots for later.

3 Ironing up spine. One hand face down over spine, other hand on top of it, pushing up, arching hand so no pressure on spine itself. Or, thumb-over-thumb.
Forking up spine. Two hands with two fingers on either side. Slide and press. Leave white marks.
Nudging. One hand for pressure. Other heel, fingers pointing to head, press, turn out, turn back, slide up. And down after.

4 Small kneading up sides. A large knead: fingers down button of sides, thumbs higher up retreating in steps. Work all way up side, using thumbs also to work muscles between ribs.
Fold kneading up back. Gathering up skin with your fingers as they slide up. Then rubbing the pinches of skin between thumb and side of finger. (Smaller knead). Or do forefinger rolling. 'Diamond pinchment', in three columns

5 Work out knots. First, right hand pointing up back and thumb (with other hand pressure) doing small ups and downs on erectors. Second, hand pointing sideways and rub thumb to left and right of erector. Roll, roll, roll... fall off on a knot. P rogress up spine in little bits. Must be warm before start.
Elbow up erectors. Keep wrist limp. At first have arm almost parallel to back. Gradually have it more vertical, to get more pressure. If a knot, elbow will fall off. After going in deep, important to ease out gently.

6 Scrubbing. Forearms transversally on back, forward and backwards quickly and then slowly. Then, to relax, finger gently down spine. Also swimming: palms opposite directions, including buttocks.
Praying. Hands together in middle, separate one to neck and other to sacrum. Also, do this with the whole forearm. Back of arm in middle, roll, insides of arm at extremes.
Elbow in buttocks. At first, leave arm resting on buttocks while forearm-praying with other (to get used to it). Then adopt rolling weight distribution; end up with all weight on elbow. Keep hand relaxed. Again, ease out gently.
Flat forearm on legs down to knee using your whole body. Left hand on back for support.

7 Figure of eight over whole back, using both hands.

8 Shoulder blade petrissage. As a general warm up, one hand on top of other, in circles.
Fingers at shoulder, blades with fingers. One hand flat over spine to hold position, other works over shoulder. It has its thumb on the top of the shoulder and its fingers around the shoulder bone but moving around. Then, pinch gently the top of th e shoulders. Thumbs were fixed. But then roll them.
Work under blade with fingers. Put their hand in small of back. Shoulder in palm. Elbow in crook of your arm. Face towards shoulder. Lift their shoulder blade up as high as possible. Put your finger in gap, or side of hand, and press muscle against bone. Need lots of previous step first to warm up shoulder blade muscle. At end of motion, slide hand down arm.
Pluck and claw shoulder blades. Petrissage. Pinch and knead shoulders against bone. Finger sort of prodding.

9 Cup and hack. May like to put towel on first, slowly, gradually, and pat it into place. One side at a time, opposite to the side you are on, avoiding kidneys.
Claw down side. Kneading. Cats fingers. Spiders.

10 More effluerage. 3 shoulder, 3 scapula (shoulder blade), 3 lats, 3 obliques (waist). Or use whole palms one on each side in up-then-out circles, starting at shoulders, repeat all way down to top of leg. Touching bottom can bring on prickles o f delicious sensation to head and breasts.

11 Small kneading traps. It's a big muscle: work all of it.
Finger friction on traps. Circles. Near top, is no bone to work against: so, use other hand as counter.
Figure of eight on shoulders. effleuraging around shoulder blades, on hand over other.

12 Thumbs up erectus to occipital. Hard pressure on either side of spine, using fingers on shoulder to anchor movement. Go all the way up.

13 Small circles on top of shoulders, neck. Also pinch up around neck.

14 Quarter circle shoulder effleurage. In crescents over and around shoulder blades.
Crossing, starting at top. Effleurage starting at neck, down center of back, then hands crossing to go down sides. Start crossing at bottom, and work progressively up.

15 Thumb scissors over spine. Medium hard, fastish, thumbs of each hand in miniature scrubbing over spine.

16 Double-handed kneading of spine squashing erectus spini together in palm, probably using both hands.

17 Effleurage. From the head. On return, have full contact with entire arm. Then starting from waist, going down sides and reversing same route.

18 Finish. Run fingers up back, neck and hair. If you have long hair, drag it over spine.

Legs - back

Vibrating buttocks are fun! Sciatic nerve irritation requires gentle calming. Probably avoid inside of thighs. Do both backs of legs, and then get person to turn over.

- Wring leg (Chinese burn). before oil, perhaps.

0 Effleurage. Both hands next to each other, fingers pointing in opposite directions, going all the way up. Massage inside and outside of calf muscles with oval strokes then repeat for thighs. Could do long strokes that start at ankle, switch ha nds at waist and go up to shoulders. Then back again.

1 Frictions down hamstring. Circular movements, start at top, to back of knee. In strips. Maybe use thumbs. Also go up buttocks with fingertips, effectively feeling into the joint.

2 Kneading, inside and outside of thigh. Maybe using fingertips. Or interlock fingers and do deep-kneading with palms.

3 Knead buttocks. Good, since many exercise programmes ignore them. Long vertical motions. May include upper leg and lower back. Slowly. Parallel lines. Careful not to press on spine. One hand above bum, other slides length-ways towards it.

4 Thumb circles on leg. Using ball of thumb firmly, anchoring movement with fingers at back of leg. Begin at ankle and work all way up.
Thumb circles on back of knee by bending knee and supporting raised lower leg with arm. Use flat of thumbs, not tips. Kneed up from center of knee to lower thigh.

5 Knuckle kneading. Good if the person has firm muscles and little fat. Use flat of knuckles in circles. Perhaps need more oil.

6 Cup, hack outside thigh, effleurage to calm. Or hit with the fingertips?.

7 Thumb stroking under leg. Leg straight, lift foot with right hand, left hand circles under/inside of thigh. Use thumb pressure to calve sciatic nerve.

8 Fingertip kneading of calf muscle. Mainly where there is a solid bit of muscle
Fingers around Achilles tendon gently

9 Drain leg by bending it at the knee and holding the calf vertical. Form tight circles with hands and push down from ankle. Be careful not to be too tight on non-muscle bits.

10 Effleurage, and sandwich off feet.

Legs - front

Note: inner thigh is full of arteries and stuff so be careful. Outer thigh is good. Always be lighter over knee. Do one leg and its foot, then other leg and its foot.

0 Effleurage ankle to hip. Eight times, either dove (fingers pointing to head) or crossed. Finish with hands on upper thigh.

1 Deep kneading of thighs. Pressure comes from heels of hand. Small, deep circles. Pulse, pump. Also, fingertip kneading.

2 Wringing of thighs. Chinese burn. May want to do this before oil. Use crossing of hand to lift muscle up away from bone.

3 Cupping and hacking of thighs

4 Top of kneecap with thumbs. Start crossed at bottom. Move to correct sides up edge, then cross again at top. Gentle at first. Do small thumb corkscrews in the secret places.
Circular frictions on sides of knee. Keep four fingers together, allow thumbs to press on the bone behind kneecap.
Palm stroking around knee. Support it with towel so as not to stretch muscles at back. Anchor with free hand under knee. Stroke above and below kneecap, inside and outside.

5 Kneading calf with leg in cocked position. Can support foot with knees, or sit by it on table. Use fingers and thumbs.

Wringing on calf. Using both hands, pulling bone away from muscle.

6 Link fingers behind back, push and pull upwards and downwards.
Upwards oval shapes with blade of hands but be gentle.

7 Finger-tip hack inside of calf. Also works well at low speed. But be comprehensive.

8 Circle thigh with forearm. Still with knee bent. Anchor one hand at knee. Use inside of your forearm to do oval strokes on top of thigh.

9 Hip friction circles. Fingertip circles, all the way around top of femur (thigh-bone). If clothes are scanty enough, also go up to hip joint.

10 Effleurage blood to heart. Start at ankle. Full contact. Hands opposed, so you can reach veins on sides of leg. Ease up over kneecap. Repeat ten times.


How terrible to trap your feet inside shoes! Wash hands after each foot. Get pens and draw body parts!

0 Effleurage

1 Toe press. They lie on back. Rest foot on thigh. Either press down towards ankle without flattening arch, or press towards head flattening it. (For cramp).

2 Behind ankle with fingers. Tips of thumbs to empty fluid.
Ankle friction. Anchor foot by holding around arch. Press with four fingers. Feel into joint.
Ankle pressure. Reflexology sciatic spot is at side corner of heel. Finger and thumb press quite hard.

3 Thumbs effleurage extensors on top of foot. Go up leg a bit to relax muscles. Full surface of thumb kneading.
Work down toes, pull off. Anchor foot with other hand. And also pull off skin between toes.

5 Passive joint movement. Hold foot near to ankle, other hand on ball, and point toe down and hold for ten seconds. Then turn foot in circles.

6 Effleurage on achiles tendon. Starting at calf, supporting foot with other hand. Can go fast.

7 Arch compression. Support ankle with one hand. Press heel of other hand just under ball of foot. Press hard, following contour. Anchor hand to confine effects. Stroke: smooth and even.
Finger compression. Fingers for support on top of foot, hooking thumb underneath. Just put pressure along line; lift, replace, more pressure. Get feedback; look at eyelids!
Thumb kneading on sole. Be gentle on arch because of tendon
Knuckles in arch then whole sole. Start with thumb kneading near heal. Knuckles on ball and heal where skin is thick.
Pinch skin around ball of foot

8 Rub sides of foot with palms of hand

9 Stretch top of foot with thumbs as if bending it sideways in two. Or, better, do it with them on their back and slide your heels of hand.
Press foot using palm heels, one on ball, one on top, to roll toes.

10 Sandwich off. Stroking hand after hand. Perhaps brush feet and toes.

Abdomen and torso

Avoid periods. May be done a bit after eating to aid digestion. (Kings of Sandwich Islands). Stimulates blood circulation. Only do first four on shy women.

0 Belly effleurage hand over hand. From inside to out.

1 Effleurage in clockwise direction. Twice up, once right, twice down, once left. In sympathy with your intestines. Then bend the knees, and repeat. Then use entire palm of hand. Or, corkscrew friction. Probably be very gentle. Some people hate it.

2 Large knead sides of waist, thumbs. On opposite side of body. Use thumbs to work muscles between ribs.
Pull up sides. Putting hands palm up underneath back and pull up. Do all of side, from bottom to top.

3 Fan stroke from waist up to rib cage

4 Chest friction. Use one hand to anchor.

5 Forearm compression. Starting at chest and sliding whole forearm down in little circles. Hold hand up to get greater contact area. Go down then up three times.

6 Breast rotation. Cup hands over breasts, gentle gently rotate as far as is comfortable in three complete circles. First together, then apart.
Kneading. Pal up from under right side of breast; when reach nipple, move thumb and first finger together, still with palm flat, around nipple; rotate right hand anti-clockwise until slides off. While right hand still rotates, start left hand but c lockwise.
Spokes stroke. Imagine spokes radiating from nipple. With gentle squeeze, thumb and forefinger move outwards along spoke lines. Repeat all directions.

7 Light heel thumping. One hand down, other hits it with lightly curled wrist. Around and above breasts so percussive effect reaches within.

8 Pull up back. Starting with hands at base of spine, pull all the way up to the neck, through hair, and have it stream out.

9 Fan stroking torso from neck. Hands in dove at neck, down to bottom of rib cage, around sides and back up lifting rib cage (or just retreat).

Chest and neck

Work three deltoids well, and back of neck going all way up. For modesty, cover breasts with towel. Remove necklaces.

0 Effleurage. Both hands start in dove at sternum. Spread out to sides around deltoids, then around back of shoulders and up to neck. Retreat.
Tilt head back slightly, stretch neck. One hand on chin, other at occipital, to get even pull.

1 Circular finger friction anchoring other hand on rib cage. Follow same path as effluerage, all way around outside and back.
Petrissage over shoulder joint

2 Piano movement of fingers under neck. Starting from shoulders going all the way up the neck. Lift neck.

3 Heap to side, effleurage up neck

4 Small finger circles along sides of neck. Even up to back of ears. Then other side. Press hard all way up. Also pinch skin.

5 Flat top of shoulder frictions
Knead deltoids.
Do front and side, thoroughly. Probably have to just petrissage rear deltoids.

6 Crossing across chest. Hands moving backwards and forwards opposite each other. Go all way to side deltoids.

7 Small finger circles in rib muscles or use thumbs, or knuckles/backs of hands, and work all way to bottom of rib cage. Only do small bit between breasts.
Fingertip circles under collar bone for lymph system, start from outside and work in. Pinch clavicle.

8 Alternating circles effleurage. One hand does half a circle, then the next, and so on. Go from one side of body to other.

9 Knead lymph nodes. fingertips to knead thick muscles in crescent across armpit.

10 Stretch body from inside arm. Spread hand above head or to side like a crucifix. Start with both hands at armpit, and one hand goes to waist (or even to feet) and other to hand.


Good for clearing up exercise aches. For full body, do first arm and its hand before moving onto second.

- Wring arm. Especially for people who lift. Keep fingers together. Before oiling.

0 Effleurage. From hand towards shoulder. One hand cupped over top, other hand underneath and behind it, pushing upwards. Stretch on the way back. Then just on lower half.

1 Wringing biceps. Two hands moving in opposite directions, to gather up muscle away from bone.
Deep kneading. Using both palms in small circles to get right inside.
Thumb kneading

2 Hold arm like violin, thumbs on biceps. Their hand on your opposite shoulder held by your cheek, and you supporting their elbow with one hand. Thumb works muscle, or between muscle and bone. Use this to get at angles that original flat thumb kne ading couldn't.

3 Muscle pressing. Have arm flat by side. Push your hand into their palm. Then press into muscles with flats of your knuckles.
Effleurage thumb stroking upper arm. A pulling action, with whole hand encircling. Move in very small steps. Two hands alternate.

4 Drain lower arm. Set it vertical. Close hand in grip, and use just one hand. Don't press elbow into floor or hand. Perhaps hand and hence the arm up.

5 Thumbs kneading lower arm. In strips, with it still vertical

6 Elbow, inside and out. First, have arm above head and use fingers on outside friction. Second, have arm by side and fingers above it. Third, bend forearm across chest. Press down outside and move against underlying tissues. If trying to sooth e nerve, work quickly. Also use palm of hand for friction.

7 Hacking whole arm. Hack outside where there is muscle; not over elbow.

8 Passive arm exercise. Anchor on other side of body. Hold wrist and circle three times in each direction. Then hold both wrists and have them alternate gong up and down. Then lift arm up, then back over head to stretch. Supporting shoulder, el bow. Then try tossing it from normal to above head, being sure to catch it in time.
Passive elbow exercises. Anchor above elbow. Either hold wrist or hold fist.
Figure of eight. With their forearm horizontal.
Wrist rotations in both directions. Clasp their hand in yours. Flex and extend wrist.

9 Pull arm. Hold at shoulder, and pull hand. Silent count of twenty.
Lift arms and chest. Lift arms above elbow so hands rest on your shoulders. (Kneeling at head). Lift them up for count of ten then lower slowly. Give lots of support.

10 Effleurage wring blood to top. Both hands on top of arm, pushing up to shoulder, from opposite sides, fingers going over, starting at wrist. Then have thumbs on top and fingers to side, stroking veins. Only do it on upper arm.
Finish down to hand, then sandwich off. Spreading hand. Using thumbs at end. If on floor, do effleurage with arm stretched out, both hands start at armpit, and you physically moving away.


Good place to start on people that are too shy. Perhaps start with the palm kneading.

- Skin crawling. Before oiling. Short thumb nail, start between their fingers using your fingertips to gather skin against the progressing thumb. Wander top of hand, bottom, wrist (but gentle on top of wrist because of hair).

0 Effleurage down from arm

1 Seven-digit finger flex. Thumb and one index finger meet between their second and third finger. Press your fingers down as far as possible.

2 Stroke wrist. Carpal muscle is horizontal: same direction as Chinese burn, with thumbs. Start with them crossed, and uncross, and cross. Full flat digit of thumb. Then bend their hand back.

3 Back of hand between tendons. Start stroke up at arm. Press up into palm with fingertips as counter. Press onto top with ball of thumb. Gently.
Stroke fingers. Alternating hands start at arm, stroke down towards fingers. Short hand-over-hand motions. Each stroke gets a bit further. Small pressures, vibrations over joints.
Passive finger exercise. Pull gently just above joints. On first, grasp whole finger all the way up to knuckle. On second, isolate first joint by folding finger between your third and fourth.

5 Passive wrist exercise. Flex elbow & rest it on surface. Take hand around back of fingers. Bend back until feel resistance. Then turn wrist.

7 Thumbs over palm. Fingers interlock at back. Make as much contact as possible. Tips of thumbs follow in tiny circles. When one thumb up near wrist, other down towards fingers. Keep thumbs in contact with each other. Wander up to wrist (transv erse).
Knuckles in palm. Lift hand and cushion it on knee. Anchor at wrist. Use more oil. Ball of thumb.

8 Pull back of hand apart. Fingers in palm, your balls of hand on top, as if bending to snap it in two.

9 Sandwich hand pull off. trailing at fingertips


Remove earrings, necklace, contact lenses. Don't use much oil at all. Think biodynamics: a frown is emotional or mental tension, and removing the frown is removing the tension.

0 Effleurage. Shoulders and under neck. Hands, fingertips outwards, round and underneath.

1 Small circular frictions around mouth. Stay just above and below lips.
Frictions by edge of eyes. First smooth out wrinkles by tightening skin vertically: aim is to reach muscles, not skin. Just to small rapid back-and-forth rather than circles.

2 Stroke behind ears. Tilt face over to side. Move hair back a little. Start with four fingers flat on neck, thumb by temple. Move all fingers up to top of ear; and repeat.
Little finger pressure inside ear. Anchoring hand over cheeck with thumb by nose, press gently.
Squeeze ear. Anchor other hand with thumb on temple. Move up and down soft outer tissue. Very few people have ever had anyone show this much interest in their ears.

3 Small-kneading face. Work all over, often just very small folds of skin. Back and forth to cover everything
Flat kneading forehead. Using flats of two hands against each other.
Single finger small vibrations in corners. for example, by side of nose.

4 Crossing face. Vertically, one hand going down from forehead to chin while other goes up. Maybe stop for cheek circles.

5 Anchor thumbs on forehead, stroke face. Anchor thumbs on forehead. (Or don't). 'Expression therapy': fix the expression, cure the ill.
Whole hand face stroking, and forehead. Also, stretch forehead out sideways with thumbs to remove wrinkles.

6 Compress forehead. To cure headaches. One hand over other sideways. Have partner touch spot that hurts first. Count pressure for thirty, then release contact slowly. Or just few fingers in nerves in middle, then both hands fingers alternating , then both turning sideways. Start light, get deeper and deeper, then lift gradually.
Compress temples with heels or palms of hands. Fingers on 3rd eye, and pause.
Compress eyes. Be very gentle. Use two or three fingers vertically along face, resting on ridge and cheek with middle of finger just caressing eyelid. Or close-compress them as part of a sleeping stroke downwards. Or use thumbs, nestling cheek in fingertips as anchor. Or just fingertips right at top of eyes.

7 Piano stroking of eyes. Anchor thumbs on forehead. First little finger in middle, gradually moving out sideways.
Circling temples. End above piano stroke at temples (shallow depression surrounded by bony ridge). Circle with even rhythm. Perhaps six complete circles.

8 Forehead stroking downwards. Hands sideways, one after the other, break contact at tip of nose.

9 Full hand sideways scalp wringing. Cures baldness! One hand in one direction, other in other, squashing skin in between.
Hair tugging taking small clumps, pulling gently.
Circular frictions on scalp. Take weight in one hand, petrissage with other. Use fingernails as comb.

Finger stroking. Take weight in one hand and stroke through hair with other.

10 Effleurage face, shoulders. Be by their waist to stroke down. Both hands over face, spread to sides, over shoulders and neck at back, and around deltoids to come together in front. Then go to head and lay hands over face for few seconds.
Kiss forehead