Film at Compaq SRC.

Lucian Wischik. September 1999.

During Summer 1999 I was an intern at Compaq SRC, and directed the annual intern film and wrote the script. These are the production notes.


  • Script - the script of the film!
  • Shooting timetable - when we film what, and where, and who and what props are needed. The order of shooting is different from the order of the script. That's to optimise our time and props.
  • Miscellaneous notes - to bear in mind when writing the script and shooting and acting.
  • Tapes contents - what is on which tapes.

    Notes on what happens when

  • Film for a week, on the week starting August 9th. There's about seven hours of filming to do in total. One shoot per day. Thursday is the longest day.
  • Edit for a week, on the week starting August 16th.

    Who is needed?

  • Actors are needed (see the table below). I reckon there should be at least four minions, hopefully more. And Dr Evil and a Henchman.
  • People to assemble props for each scene. Some props have to be got from outside (by someone with a car?) Other props need to be assembled from inside SRC, or images to be prepared on a computer screen.
  • Autocue people, to hold cue cards
  • People to conduct one-on-one interviews with a few Srcers. An interview would last ten to fifteen minutes. If you haven't yet got your tokens, this is an ideal opportunity!
  • Editors, for editing next week.

    Acting roles

    This table indicates what intern action roles there are, how many hours filming will accrue to each role, and what srcers are being filmed.

  • Minions - these are the Dr Evil's minions, sent back in time
  • Dr Evil - we had cast Roy Levin for this role, but it would work out better if done by an intern.
  • Spies - these are the minions who infiltrate the jukebox room.
  • Henchman - This person is at the initial Evil Briefing. We wanted Laurent Moll to do this but he can't. Maybe Hannes? or an intern?
  • Autocue - for various scenes we need people to hold up pieces of papers with srcer's lines written on them in big type. This will speed up the filming massively.


    Minions 4h -- Dr Evil 1h40 -- Spies 20m -- Henchman 30m -- Autocue 2h30


    Viking -- Jukebox person -- Alyssa -- Roy -- Steve -- Sharon -- Receptionist -- Mike -- Leslie -- Lyle -- Cormack -- Volleyballers

    Explanation of the shooting timetable

    Look at the shooting timetable. Each box is in this format.

    Which day we perform this shot, and how long it will take

    A list of the actors needed for this shot

    The props needed for this shot. Read the script to find out more about the props.

    (1:3) Reference to scene:paragraph in the script that we'll shoot at this stage.