Sticky AVS for Winamp

Users of Winamp will be familiar its AVS, "Advanced Visualisation Studio". Sticky can be used in AVS presets. Here is a pack of them. (download it, and then double-click to install).

Sticky1-AVS.exe (470k, 22 presets)

I will submit this pack to Winamp soon. If you would like for your sticky-based preset to be included in this pack, or a subsequent one, please email it to me ( as an attachment. You must send both the AVS file and any STK files that it uses.

As for instructions on how to create stick-based AVS presets - it's easy. I assume you already know how to create AVS files. Then, just click the Add button and you'll find it under Render/Sticky. It requires that you've copied the stick files into the winamp AVS directory.

If you like the installer I wrote for this pack, and want to use the same installer yourself, download (134k). Instructions in the "readme.txt" file.