Dancing Stick Figure Feedback

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Superb! Media Player used to run minimised in the background -- NOT ANYMORE! Should come with Media Player as standard. Really funny. Martin Glen.

This is incredible! I downloaded it and I couldn't help but laugh... I really suggest downloading the file. I insist... NO! DEMAND! HAHAHAH! GAG! dot-totally.co.uk

Dance, Sitckie, Dance! Download this viz! Ricky Tang.

I was compelled to download this... And now I can't stop watching. Aquatakat the Cat.

This has got to be the worst use of code there ever was. It is so stupid, it defies the imagination... not to mention the intellengence. If this is all you can put your tallents into, then you ought to find something else to do... like be a mine sweeper or something. No creativity, no imagination, no plot, no nothing. Jeesh... if this is what you learned in software school, you wasted your money. C.W.

Lame. hss drillbit.

Convulse matches. Dont like it. Too primitive. Not funny. Glass3D team.

This is funny and looks like fun. I just want to give a big thank-you. Dianne H.

This is the greatest and every tripy when you have puffed those hippy sticks. randy poper.

you have to get the stick animations they are very funny if you are stoned the osama bin laden is the best. Marc, Airsoft drugs forums.

This is so simple but totally entertaining. Flo Jo.

Very cool. It's simple, I like that, and it actually seems to follow the music, an issue with just about every visualization I've ever seen. Mike Noyb.

Fudge AVS!!! This one's da sheite!!!! Marc Sola.

wow that was really stupid. i couldn't even get the piece of shyt to work. thanks for nothing, go choke on a tube steak assholes! Gina Mussoli.

Filyagin. (It suggests turning your girlfriend into a dancing stick figure.)

Get Out Of Control. (No, I don't have a clue what it means!)

Poeyama. (I can't read this one either!)

goed gedaan jochie!!! thijs stelling.

parabe'ns... baixei os dowlowd destas animações e achei o maximo... já estou me divertido com as crianças e amigos... realmente admiro as pessoas que possuem ideias criativas e desestressantes... vão em frente assim vocês incentivão crianças como as minhas de quererem criar como vocês... OBRIGADO... TCHAUUUU . Lula.

Gostei de o presidente dancar ele presisava não brigar com os iraquianos eles são filho de deus. Francisco M.

Gostaria q vc's me mandassem visualizators muito obrigado. Rubem.

AH-HAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! i mean, c'mon, man! who are you trying to impress?! kindergartens?! oh man... i don't understand why those 5 stars. chee! Percival Caesar Palope.

It's not THAT cool. Okay, so, what's the hype about? They're sticks that wiggle to the beat . Francis Doerner.

Very nice. Really cool! Thanks! Frank from the Netherlands.

Thanks for your sticky - it's very nice. Nartel, France.

Wow! Your dancing stick figures are really funny! Moritz (Germany).

Very nice work on the editor! I haven't even checked out the help file yet, that's how easy your tools are to use! :-) Heppler.

My favourite visualizations! With so many different sticks available for download and the ability to easily create your own there are just so many different things to chose from...this really is a great thing in the somewhat barren visualization field. Max S.

I was using something like this 20 years ago. You are stupid or living in a hole. Judith.

u smell. jose.

Great plugin... larfed lots. Pete.

I think this is a great add-on for WMP. Good job. Cortes.

I must congratulate you, this is indeed a very good ad on just to get a few laughs. Easy to install, easy to use and fun. Congratulations on the concept and well done for pulling it off so well. John McL.

Thanks a bunch. Loved them all. C. Spry.

I just wanted to tell you that your stick figures are the coolest visualiations that I've seen. Also, your editor is my new favorite thing to play with in my bored time. Ben.

Dude theses stick figures rock! Rob T.

The dancing stick figures rok!!! lookche.

I like your stick figures. I tell people all the time about how every one has the ability to do art. And you have it down pat. Keep up the good work. Anna, Artists helping Artists Coalition.

I have got you many more fans of your brilliant stick figure program. I have persuaded 20 more people that your stick figure website is sheer genius and one of the best sites for wmp visulations. Hail Lucian! Master of the sticks! Nile.

People see Tedemedo and say, "there's that crazy stick guy".

Great plugin! This is the most funny plug-in I have ever seen!!! :) I laughed so much looking at Mr Bush :)))) Other pics are also very good! :) Aleksi Pennanen.

These visualizations are awesome. Especialy the alien ones - I like aliens and it's awesome how they sing with the songs. Crazy. Thank you so much. Set N.

Thanks for the fun program. Kenneth J D.

I just installed it and the Hitler one is great! Frank.

Ya this is way cool never see this before. ooota22.

Thanks for the winamp component... It is just what I needed tonight, to think about philosophy and foreign countries. Have a good day. Ward.

Funny! Oh my God, I'm laughing too hard! Especially with Bush getting it down on my desktop! Bill M.

What a bad-ass plugin! I can't stop laughing... this one's a hoot! Tyler W.

They say that a prophet is never appreciated in his own home...

Your programs messed up my computer again! Marcus Wischik, brother of the author.

Visualizations are silly. You should just leave it on the Media Library all the time. Dr. Damon Wischik, brother of the author.

I thought that your stick figures were a waste of time. Prof. Claude Wischik, father of the author.

I did not find the stick figure funny. Pepe Wischik, grandfather of the author.

I thought they were great... Once I saw them, I don't know where the time went, I sat for hours playing without even feeling it. Oh and you're family seems to be a hoot too! MeLanieLee.