Granny Smith apple sorbet with muscat wine and grappa

Tags: dessert, sorbet
Created: 2022/08/25
. Makes 1.1 litres. 5 steps
3 Granny Smith apples peel, core, chop into walnut-sized pieces puree to a creamy consistency freeze in an ice cream machine
1 tablespoon clear honey boil over low heat until cooked down to half its volume
225 caster sugar
250ml water
1 medium lemon's juice
250ml muscat wine
2 tablespoons grappa
Marcella says there is great felicity in how the ingredients act on each other, and that this is the most deliciously fresh sorbet she knows. I agree about the felicity with which grappa and honey and apples work together, but I found the proportions here to be overpowering — I'm not even sure it needs sugar at all.
In Marcela's picture, the sorbet comes out nearly white. Mine was a dingy brown like bruised apple! And indeed I could taste the pulpiness of apple flesh. Maybe this is best with pressed apple juice.