Vanilla creme bavarois

Tags: dessert, French
. Serves 6. 12 steps
190g castor sugar   beat until pale and forms a ribbon   heat very gently, stirring, until the custard begins to thicken   place the saucepan in cold water and continue mixing so as to prevent the custard from curdling; let it go cold Lightly oil moulds, and pour in custard. Refrigerate overnight.
6 egg yolks
1 teaspoon cornflour
375ml milk bring to boil, then leave to steep; strain if necessary   pour in milk, beating all the while
1 vanilla pod
3–4 teaspoons gelatine powder sprinkle gelatine over water, leave to get spongey; then place in a double boiler and stir to dissolve the gelatine mix in
1/4 cup water
375ml whipping cream   whip until it folds softly   cut and fold in cream delicately to form a homogenous mixture
40g icing sugar   whip in until soft peaks form; refrigerate until ready