Crab spaghetti

Tags: Italian, main dish
This dish is found all over the coast of Italy. It is wonderful made with brown Dorset crabs.
I ate a similar dish at the River Cafe. It was seasoned with fennel seeds and fronds, and was splendid.
. 11 steps
1 large crab Add to pan of cold water, bring to boil brown meat   Mix in ratio 5 parts white to 1 part brown Serve with spaghetti. The heat of the spaghetti warms the crab.
2 handfuls salt white meat
1/2 red chilli deseed, chop finely   mix in
flat leaf parsley chop finely
1 clove garlic bruise
salt and pepper   season
1/2 lemon juice   mix in
lots olive oil
This can be made with precooked crab meat, but freshly cooked meat is more receptive to the sauce.
To deal with a crab: Snap off claws, pull off legs. With fingers in the claw sockets, gently ease off base of shell. Discard the long and whiskery dead man's fingers. Scoop the brown meat out of the shell. Whack the claws with a pestle and pick out the white meat, trying to keep it in large pieces.