Daube of lamb

Tags: main dish, hearty, French, made
A wonderful richly flavoured dish
. 19 steps
3 carrots slice marinade overnight discard
1 1/2 onion slice thinly
bouquet garni insert orange into bouquet meat Bring to a gentle simmer, cover pan with foil, cook over a very low heat 4 hours or until tender discard bouquet
10cm orange zest
1.8kg lamb shoulder boned large cubes set aside meat mix, cover, refrigerate overnight layer heat gently for 30 minutes, serve hot
8 rashers streaky bacon chop
1 tablespoon olive oil degrease juice blend in
750ml red wine
50g butter cook
25g flour
600g artichoke hearts
2 fresh tomatoes
400g plum tomatoes
200g green olives
Serve with pasta
Do not let the meat cook at anything more than the gentlest of simmers if you want it to be tender