Cold duck consomme

Tags: made, soup, French
This is a fine, rich, formal soup
9 steps
1.2 l chicken stock Cook over high heat until just before boiling, reduce heat, simmer uncovered 1 1/4 hours, not stirring. Make a hole in the crust for the liquid to simmer through. Sieve through muslin, remove all fat. Stir in gelatine. Cool, cover, refrigerate. Let jelly warm for 1 hour before serving. Ladel into bowls, garnish with duck
130g lean beef chop finely
130g lean duck
220g raw beetroot peel, grate
100g celeriac
2 egg whites beat
4 teaspoons granulated gelatine mix, warm in double boiler until clear
3 tablespoons cold water
duck breast fry, slice thinly