Potage Esau

Tags: soup
Potage Esau was first served at the hotel La Sapiniere in the 1940s.
. Serves 8-10. 11 steps
1 tablespoon butter   Sauté vegetables until soft   Discard onion and bouquet garni. Purée soup. Return to pan. If necessary, dilute with extra stock.
1 stalk celery chop
1 medium carrot chop
1 leek trim green parts, chop
1 onion stick cloves in onion
4 cloves
350g dried brown lentils   Add, bring to boil, lower heat, simmer slowly, covered, unti lentils soften and split, about 30 minutes
6 cups chicken stock
bouquet garni
1/2 teaspoon salt   Season to taste. Heat.
pinch pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
lemon juice
fresh parsley chop   Serve, sprinkled with parsley.