Fennel and sausage pasta

Tags: Italian, pasta, fennel
Created: 2014/05/05
. Serves 6. 8 steps
1/4 cup olive oil   Heat oil over moderately high heat. Cook sausage until it is no longer pink and begins to brown lightly, stirring constantly Keep warm while cooking pasta. When done, cook the pasta with the fennel for a minute or two, adding a little of the pasta water to moisten.
350g Italian sausage Remove skin. Break into small clumbs using a table knife.
120g wild fennel fronds rinsed well Boil 10 minutes. Lift them out (reserving water to cook pasta) and drain finely. Mince well, yielding about 2/3 cup.   Mix in fennel and salt to taste.
Serve with penne or rigatoni