Sweet flan pastry

Tags: pastry, tart
. Makes a 20cm shell. 8 steps
200g flour   Rub together rapidly with fingertips, until butter is in size of small oatmeal flakes Knead rapidly into a ball. Place on a pastry board, with heel of hand rapidly press by 2-spoonfull pieces in 15cm smears. The dough will be quite sticky. Form into a ball, wrap in greaseproof paper, chill several hours until firm. Beat dough with rolling pin, to soften. Place on lightly-floured board. Knead into a fairly flat circle. It should be just malleable enough to roll without cracking. Lightly flour top, roll pin back and forth gently to start the dough moving. With firm even strokes, rolling away from you, starting just below the centre and roll to with an inch of the edge. Turn dough at slight angle. Continue to make a circle about 3mm thick. Reverse dough onto rolling pin, unroll over tin. Press lightly into bottom of tin. Lift the edges, work it gently down the inside edge of the tin. Trim off excess. Push dough 3mm above rim, press a decorative edge around rim. Prick bottom of pastry with a fork at 1cm intervals. Line with brown paper, press well against sides, fill with baking beans. OR, freeze 30 minutes. Bake in moderately hot oven, 5-6 minutes. Remove lining, prick bottom of pastry, bake 8-10 minutes more, or until the shell shrinks slightly from the tin and begins to brown very lightly. Immediately slip onto a rack.
3-7 tablespoons sugar
pinch baking powder
100g chilled butter
1 egg beat   Blend in
1 tablespoon water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
The more sugar you use, the stickier and crumblier the pastry will be. Because of the sugar, the pastry needs to be watched very carefully while cooking.