Stained glass chocolate tart

Tags: chocolate, tart, art
Created: 2020/08/02
This is from the Chocolate Cacao YouTube channel, and just watching it is therapeutic.
Chocolate Cacao on YouTube. 25 steps
base Pour ganache into base. Refrigerate at least 12 hours Decoratively place fruit over tart. Pour gelatin glaze into a piping bag, and pipe in the gaps between the fruit
75g unsalted butter   soften, and beat with a spoon Place dough` on clingfilm, wrap, refrigerate at least 3 hours Roll out, using bread flour to prevent sticking. If dough is sticky, chill it again. Transfer dough to a greased tart tin, using the rolling pin. Trim rim. Press into sides of tin. Prick all over with a fork. Refrigerate an hour. Bake blind in moderately slow oven 35 minutes. Brush with egg and bake in slow oven 5 minutes.
50g icing sugar sift   blend in dry ingredients bit by bit
10g cocoa powder
25g finely ground almonds
1g salt
30g egg beaten   mix in
120g cake flour   cut in bit by bit
1 egg yolk + 1/2 egg white gently beaten
milk chocolate ganache
125g heavy cream (35%)   stir, scald
15g honey
180g milk chocolate roughly chopped pour cream over chocolate pieces, and mix until glossy
10ml rum   mix in
20g unsalted butter cut into cubes   cool to 40 °C, mix in until thick and glossy
assorted fruit sliced
15g heavy cream   scald
18g water
25g caster sugar mix   mix in, bring to boil
10g cocoa powder
1.5g sheet gelatin soften in cold water   allow chocolate mixture to cool a little, then mix in gelatin and stir until completely dissolved (strain if you don't trust yourself)
Use fruit such as pineapple, kiwi, tinned peach halves, tinned strawberries, bananas, melon, apple mango. Rest banana in tinned fruit juice to prevent discoloration
The author reckons it might be a bit sweet, and that citrus is worth trying. Here's a similar tart by Lauren Ko, who has a cookbook called Pieometry. Perhaps this is the inspiration?
In a similar vein, here's a lovely-looking cheesecake by Eva of Bake-Street. It's a normal-looking cheesecake with a clear gelatin glaze that captures the blossoms.