Mascarpone, gorgonzola and poached pear salad

Tags: made, dessert
. Serves 6. 10 steps
1 red chilli cut in half Bring to boil, simmer five minutes Put pears in, cover with water, simmer 40 to 45 minutes until a thin skewer can be easily inserted through centre. When done, remove pears with a slotted spoon and place gently on a plate to cool. The liquid should be a thick, spicy syrup. Arrange leaves on plates, place a pear on each. Add a spoonful of the cheese and a little of the syrup.
1 bay leaf
6cm rosemary sprig
2 star anise
2 cinnamon sticks
3 cloves
2 lemons Pare zest thinly, and juice
500g unrefined caster sugar
2 tablespoons honey
650ml good red wine
6 firm cooking pears, eg Comice peel but leave stalks on
250ml mascarpone   mix
200g gorgonzola
1 dessertspoon basil, chives, spring onions chop   stir in
salad leaves
This dish has the unusual distinction of being simultaneously too sweet, too spicy and too salty. It might be more suitable as a dessert, without the gorgonzola and with the chilli seeds removed. But then it is just an indifferent dish of poached pears.