Instant pot grains and pulses

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Created: 2021/07/31
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All times are for pressure cooking on high, with natural release (NR). These ratios aim to produce no excess water, beyond a little bit of general dampness around the beans; I found these ratios by cooking with excess water then measuring how much to drain off. Cooking times and water ratios will depend on the age and variety of the beans you buy, which is why I've labelled them all by the source.
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beans and pulses
250g butter beans 374ml water. 25 minutes NR definitely too little, 30 minutes NR leaves some crunch in places but also some mushiness.
100g cannellini beans 195ml water. 35 minutes NR. Perfect, if you like just a little bit of bite for e.g. using in a salad. 38 minutes and they're completely soft.
250g flageolet beans 537ml water (leaves just a little bit of water at the bottom). 35 minutes NR, came out a bit too hard. Maybe 38min?
197g (1 cup) black beans Uses 376ml water. 55 minutes NR. Comes out soft but retains shape. Maybe a bit shorter? but they do take a lot of cooking!
225g beluga lentils (1 cup) 335ml water (makes it moist with no excess liquid). 8min QR. Comes out with just a little bite.
181g brown basmati rice (co-op) 300ml water. 22 minutes NR.
212g roasted buckwheat 437ml water. 5 minutes + 15 minutes of NR.
185g quinoa (1 cup) 383ml water. 2 minutes NR, then leave in warming mode for a while. Comes out fluffy and on the soft side.