Tags: Korean, accompaniment, ferment
Created: 2016/12/01
The Korean Food Research Institute estimates that the average adult Korean consumes more than 125g of kimchi a day &hellipsis; three quarters of all kimchi consumed in South Korea is still made in the home.
. Fills a 945ml jar. 12 steps
1 liter water dissolve soak vegetables in brine a few hours or overnight, until soft drain brine from vegetables; reserve some brine in case it's needed Mix. Pack it tightly into a jar, and cover with a fermentation lid. Leave at room temperature for a week or more.
4 tablespoons salt
500g Chinese cabbage coarsely chop
4 red radishes slice
2 carrots
4 spring onions chop mix into a paste
4 cloves garlic chop
3 red chillies slice after discarding seeds
3 tablespoons fresh ginger grated
3 tablespoons fish sauce
This is the version I made, and it came out great. Alternatives: ferment it cooler and longer; add raw oysters; change the vegetables.