Blanquette of lamb à l'ancienne

Tags: made, French, main dish, stew
. 14 steps
4 tablespoons butter cook Simmer 15 minutes, skim Simmer gently 25 minutes Mix at last moment. Do not allow to boil.
5 tablespoons flour
white stock Cover with stock, season. Bring to boil, remove scum, cook 45-60 minutes covered. Drain stock
4lb shoulder of lamb chop, soak 1 hour, blanche Remove lamb
2 carrots quarter
2 onions stud
1 clove
2 leeks
bay leaf
12 small onions poach
300g button mushrooms cook quickly
4 egg yolks blend
4 tablespoons cream
dash lemon juice
pinch grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon lemon rind