Spiced lambrusco jelly

Tags: dessert, made
It is most unexpected to eat a spoonful of soft quivering jelly—and to find sparkles!
. Serves 6. 9 steps
570ml water bring to just below boiling; remove from heat, leave 1 hour strain; bring to just below simmering   Refrigerate 1 hour or until on the point of setting Cover with clingfilm, refrigerate 5 hours or until set
1 orange's zest
75g caster sugar
1 cinnamon stick
6 cloves
1 blade mace
22g powdered gelatine   remove from heat, sprinkle gelatine over while whisking; leave until gelatine dissolves
1 orange's juice strained   mix in
425ml dry red Lambrusco   Stir in well
If you can't find dry Lambrusco, use sweet.
When Lu made it, the Lambrusco seemed to make little bits of the mixture curdle. Maybe he didn't strain something properly? The jellies were still fine to eat.