Shay's lemon curd

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Created: 2011/05/16
Edited: 2011/08/03 2016/11/02
. 8 steps
335g sugar   beat well   Mix, heat in saucepan on very low heat Rub through a fine sieve, refrigerate.
4 lemons' rind
2 eggs   cream
3 egg yolks
125ml lemon juice (about 5 lemons)
pinch salt
110g unsalted butter chill, cut into small pieces   Add butter one cube at a time, stirring continuously; keep stirring on low heat for 10–20 minutes, or until temperature reaches 74°C, or mixture has the consistency of thick cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract   Add and continue to stir until temperature reaches 76.5°C
If curd doesn't setup, make sure that eggs and sugar are well creamed, and that the curd is taken up to temperature slowly.
The lemon curd should be good in the fridge for about a week.