Coupe de la Soeur Claire de Jesu (gin and tonic jelly with lemon mousse)

Tags: dessert, jelly, mousse
Created: 2023/04/13
Edited: 2023/04/14 2023/04/20 2023/05/30 2023/07/06
. Fills 11 couple glasses of 160ml. 17 steps
mousse Spoon mousse into coupe glasses, place a raspberry in each, and refrigerate overnight Delicately pour jelly over mousse; refrigerate overnight
3 large egg whites   stir in a double boiler above simmering water until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid is nearly scalding
52g sugar
50ml water leave to soften, then heat over a double boiler until dissolved   stir in, then beat until fluffy
2 1/4 sheets gelatine
3/4 cup whole Greek yoghurt and cream combine   fold in
1 lemon's zest
34ml lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
8 raspberries for garnish
gin and tonic jelly Allow jelly to part-set, about 3 hours
300ml water   bring to boil, then boil 5 minutes rest stir together thoroughly
140g sugar
2 lemons' zest   remove from heat and steep 15 minutes, then remove zest
2 lemons' juice   combine with enough tonic to make 1 litre heat 1 cup combine and stir until dissolved
250ml gin
around 400ml tonic water
7 gelatine leaves (to set 1 litre) soak in cold water until softened, then squeeze out