Nutrition Paste

Tags: camping, hiking, energy, paste, nutritious, bar, dessert
Created: 2015/02/27
Edited: 2015/02/27

This is a high-energy high-nutrition food that's great for hiking, long-distance swimming and other energetic activities. Each 100g serving has about 500 calories, is isotonic so it eats and digests well, and can be eaten fine without water. It is tasty, tastier than shop-bought energy bars, and feels+tastes a bit like Halva. It keeps for a long time because the oils in it don't go rancid.
. Serves 8. 5 steps
100g skimmed milk powder Mix together dry ingredients by hand Mix together with machine then by hand. Wrap into 8 individual packets for serving, each about 100g.
100g whey
100g maltodextrin
50g sugar
5 multivitamin tablets powder
1/3 tsp lo salt
160g peanut paste (not "butter"!)
30g coconut oil
60g olive oil
60g ghee

Here's where I bought the ingredients in Seattle... Skimmed milk power and lo-salt from QFC. Maltodextrin from my local brewer's supply store. Coconut oil, ghee and whey from Wholefoods (because places like GNC only sold much larger tubs). Peanut paste from the "grind-the-nuts-yourself" machines at Wholefoods. The recipe asks for peanut paste, the paste from ground up peanuts with no extras. If you use pre-made peanut butter with its extra oils and salts then the result might still taste nice but it won't have the same nutrition profile.

The coconut oil and ghee are solids at room temperature. They only combine properly after hand-mixing, which warms them up. The idea behind ghee rather than butter is that it provides the correct oil molecules but doesn't go rancid.