Staffordshire oatcakes

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Created: 2017/04/23
These can be fried with bacon eggs etc. or used to wrap cheese and warmed in microwave or under grill.
. Makes 35 oatcakes. 6 steps
566g medium coarse oatmeal   Place into a large bowl and make a well in the center   Cover and place in a warm place 1.5–2 hours.

Mix well. Add more warm water if necessary, possibly 500ml, to make a loose batter.

Heat a bakestone or frying pan and use about a teaspoon of oil for each oatcake. Once heated, turn down heat slightly and cook on both sides until all mixture is set.

Cool on racks

340g strong white plain flour
3 tablespoons dried skimmed milk
4 teaspoons quick acting dried yeast
2 teaspoons sugar
1 litre warm water   Pour in and mix well, to make a loose batter as for pancakes.
2 teaspoons salt   stir in
You can now batch what you don't want today and pop in the freezer (remembering to put in the right amount for each meal or you wont be able to separate them while they are frozen).
While you are standing making them, have a plate at the ready because they are delicious straight from the pan with a little golden syrup on and rolled up. Don't eat too many or you'll have none to freeze!