Fresh egg pasta

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Edited: 2011/05/22 2016/11/02
I don't know of anything you can make in the your kitchen that yields such generous returns on as modest an investment of time and effort as egg pasta. It can be produced, from start to finish, in substantially less than four hours, you can schedule its making at any time of the day or night convenient to you and cook it even months later, and if you use the simple cranked machine no advanced skill is needed. — Marcella Hazan
. Serves 4. 4 steps
4 eggs Make a well with flour, break in eggs, mix with a fork. Knead until elastic Cut into 12 pieces. Run each piece through a pasta machine several times on the widest setting, folding it back in on itself each time. Then run the pieces through on successively narrower settings. Leave it to dry a little until leathery. Cut with the tagliatelle slicer. Leave to dry.
230g type OO flour
To store, first gather the strands into nests, then leave them to dry on towels for 24 hours. They must be absolutely dry, otherwise mould will develop. Place in tin, interleaving each layer with kitchen paper. May be stored for weeks.