Poached pike with sorrel sauce

Tags: Irish, starter
Hilton Park in County Monaghan is the family home of Johnny Madden, and it is imbued with Irish romance.
. Serves 4 as starter. 11 steps
225g cooked pike   Pound, season, sieve. Put in bowl, surround with ice, refrigerate Form fish mixture into quenelles using 2 tablespoons, place in a large pan of boiling salted water. Cook 1-2 minutes or until they float. Drain well with a slotted spoon. Serve quenelles immediately with sorrel sauce
1 egg white
salt and pepper
135ml double cream   Every 15 minutes beat in 2 tablespoons cream
135ml double cream whip lightly   Fold in. Keep refrigerated until needed.
25g unsalted butter   Melt butter, barely cook sorrel Puree, season generously, keep warm.
150g sorrel remove stalks
150ml fish stock   Pour in, bring to boil, simmer 1-2 minutes
Can use cod or salmon too