Potato salad with toasted cumin vinaigrette

Tags: potato, salad, cumin, waiting
. Serves 6. 15 steps
1 kg red-skinned new potatoes cut into 2.5cm pieces, but do not peel boil until just tender, about 8 minutes; drain   mix
1 tablespoon salt
4 eggs hard boil, peel, chop coarsely
2 green onions slice thinly
3 tablespoons red onion chopped finely
1/4 cup coriander chopped
1 tablespoon jalapeƱo chilies from jar drained, de-seeded, chopped
reserve 2 tablespoons liquid
cumin vinaigrette   toss
1 tablespoon cumin seeds toast in heavy pot over medium heat until fragrant; cool   grind coarsely
1/4 cup lemon juice   whisk in
1/2 cup olive oil   whisk in
salt and pepper   season to taste