Powder biscuits (Kueh Bangket)

Tags: made, Chinese
These biscuits are plain and powdery, and dissolve to a goo in your mouth.
. 8 steps
225g rice flour stir over low heat until fluffy sift, leave overnight Mix eggs into flour. Take a handful of dough, dust with flour, roll to 5mm thick. Cut into biscuits, mark top to form a pattern. Repeat with remaining dough, keeping it under a damp cloth and mixing in cuttings with a little extra egg mixture. Bake on greased tray in moderate oven 20-30 minutes. Cool on rack, store in airtight tin.
445g tapioca flour stir over low heat until fluffy
5 eggs   beat
395g sugar
445g coconut white grate, squeeze for milk   beat until well blended
3/4 teaspoon salt
This made very many biscuits, and they came out too hard and coarse. Try using less egg and sugar, and use water instead.