Cheater's puff pastry

Tags: pastry
Created: 2012/02/21
Real puff pastry is very hard work. This version is far simpler, and while it doesn't puff quite as much it is still good.
. Makes 275g. 5 steps
110g butter frozen Grate butter into flour, using the course side of a grater. Hold the butter with greaseproof paper, and try not to let it melt in your fingers. Stir with a palette knife, to coat all the pieces of fat with flour. Sprinkle with water, and continue to bring together with the palette knife. Finish off with your hands. The finished dough should just come together, neither too flaky nor to sticky, and it should leave the bowl cleanly.
175g plain flour sift
pinch salt
2–3 tablespoons cold water
Chill 30 minutes before using, wrapped in a plastic bag. Or freeze.