Tags: French, vegetable, accompaniment
Created: 2021/07/16
. Makes 1.3kg. Nutrition per 100g: 72.8 kcal, 2.5g protein, 11.6g carbohydrate, 2.6g fat. 14 steps
134g onion chop finely   cook until soft Mix together tomato and capsicums. Stud with zucchini. Top with aubergine and plum tomato. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt. Cover with a cartouche and bake for 2 1/2 hours in a slow oven. Remove cartouche and bake a further 45 minutes.
1 anchovy chop
10g olive oil
6 cloves garlic slice   cook another minute or two
400g can chopped tomato   stir in and simmer until somewhat evaporated
herbs   mix in and cook some more
1.5kg capsicums Grill until skin is blistering; allow to cool; peel and remove seeds. Chop coarsely.
515g zucchini   cut into thick rounds grill
1 teaspoon olive oil   toss
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
224g aubergine slice thinly and mix
114g plum tomato
1 tablespoon olive oil
A cartouche is a disc of baking parchment, cut slightly larger than your baking dish, and with a hole cut in the middle. Allegedly it is better insulating than a lid, and leads to more thorough and even steaming.
The aubergine and tomato will get coloured by direct exposure to heat. The zucchini and capsicum are under cover, so they need to get their exposure separately, on the grill.