Rice and beans and chicken

Tags: instant pot, Mexican
Created: 2021/09/15
Edited: 2021/09/15 2022/08/25
Serve with a tomato salsa. Good on its own, or as a burrito filling.
. Makes 5 large portions. 11 steps
28g garlic   chop, and place in pot   Pressure cook 22 minutes, then natural release (or 25 minutes and quick release)
289g brown basmati rice   place on top
ancho chile
687g chicken thighs (skinless and boneless) place on top
128ml water   add
400ml can chopped tomato   pour on top
black beans cooked   stir in
spring onion chop
This dish on its own is somewhat dry. Maybe, for eating on its own, some pureed capsicum could be included? Or stirred in at the end?
Use brown basmati rice, since other rices cook faster. Use black (turtle) beans for authenticity: but since they take a lot of cooking they must be cooked separately.
Alternatively, a faster-cooking bean might be cooked at the same time. Consider 213g rice, 251g pinto beans, 489ml water.