Root vegetable bake

Tags: accompaniment, hearty, waiting
. Serves 8-10. 11 steps
740g mixed parsnips, celeriac, swede   Peel, slice thinly Spread half the vegetables in a large ovenproof dish, top with garlic mixture, top with remaining vegetables. Shake to level. Dot with butter. Cover with oiled foil, bake in hot oven 50 minutes. Remove foil, cook 30 minutes or until tender. Stand 15 minutes.
1kg large potatoes
284ml cream   Bring slowly to boil, stirring very gently. Simmer for 2 minutes once bubbles appear, remove from heat
275ml milk
3 teaspoons salt
pepper   season
20g flat-leaf parsley process
15g mint
1 large clove garlic peel, crush
60g parmesan grated
4 tablespoons olive oil   gradually add
25g butter diced
Can be prepared in advance. Cook all but last 15 minutes beforehand, then 30 minutes in moderate oven before serving.