Salmon and fennel salad with caper hollandaise

Tags: Damon, starter, main dish, made, sauce
. 16 steps
butter   heat
olive oil
rosemary   saute until nearly tender
leek cut into thin 4cm strips
courgette cut into ribbons
spring onion slice thinly
fennel quarter, slice, steam until nearly tender   saute until tender `onion
salmon slice 3/4cm thick, season At the last minute, chargrill until just cooked on the outside
salt and pepper
caper hollandaise
3 egg yolks   start blending
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon water
salt and pepper
6oz extrabutter melt 4oz until foaming   pour in gradually while blending, discarding milky residue
soften rest   over a very low heat, beat in
3 tablespoons capers chop   stir in
I thought this whole dish absolutely delicious, but others seemed just pleased by the cooking of the salmon.