Salmon orangine

Tags: main dish, salmon, orange, Shay
This dish is robust to errors and variations.
. Serves 3-4. 18 steps
1 orange sliced   cover base of very hot pan There should be enough liquid to steam the salmon. Cover, leaving enough room for it to steam properly. Cook 6-7 minutes or until salmon is nearly done. If the mixture dries out part way through, add more wine or orange juice. Discard
olive oil   drizzle over
2 salmon tail fillets   place salmon on orange slices Remove salmon
salt and pepper   season Deglaze pan with extra wine
butter   drizzle
2 oranges juiced
white wine
sauce pour over
2 cloves garlic chop finely saute without browning
1 orange diced   toss in
splash white wine   stir in
wine or orange juice
Use rice wine instead of white wine for a sauce with more body.
Some make this dish with far more butter, so that the oranges almost deep fry. This may mask the natural oils of the salmon.
If I don't have salmon, can I use chicken?