Salt cod with artichokes and porcini

Tags: Italian, Christmas, made, main dish
This dish is often found on Italian tables during the Christmas season.
The wine, lemon, mushrooms and parsley combine to give a deliciously fragrant sauce.
. 24 steps
artichokes   Mix well
oil   Cook until soft
1 red onion chop finely
artichokes remove outer leaves, trim tips. Cut heart into thick slices   Add artichokes, season, cook until lightly browned
salt and pepper
garlic chop finely
water   Stir in, simmer until cooked
2 porcini   chop into thick pieces
oil   cook in hot oil, coating all sides
1/4 red chilli chop finely   season, brown
garlic crush
cod Pull flakes away from skin   Toss in gently
oil   brown Cover, turn heat down, steam 15 minutes or until cod begins to flake. Remove from heat.
garlic chop finely
large piece salt cod soak 48 hours, changing water 5 times   add, skin-side down
pepper   add
1/2 glass white wine
flat leaf parsley chop   Toss in
1 lemon juice
Serve with bruschetta, or on its own