Tags: ferment, accompaniment
Created: 2016/12/01
Edited: 2016/12/02
Fills a 950ml jar. 3 steps
765g cabbage sliced, and core removed Sprinkle salt over cabbage. Scrunch with your hands for 15 minutes or until the cabbage is soft and has given up plenty of juices. Pack firmly into a jar, and cover with a fermentation lid. Leave for two weeks or so.
1 tablespoon salt
The cabbage will probably give up enough juices itself that the brine rises above the cover. It may take a day for this to happen. If after a day there is still not enough, the top it up with extra brine (1 tablespoon salt to 1 cup water).
These quantities are for 765g of cabbage after the core has been removed. This is one large savoy cabbage, one medium standard cabbage.
More salt = slower fermentation
More salt = crunchier cabbage (the above recipe is on the crunchy side)
Right salt = encourage the growth of the correct bacteria, to get the best sour taste
Colder = slower fermentation
Overfermentation = soft