Smoked fish with lentils

Tags: 800, main dish, lentil
Created: 2020/07/20
Edited: 2022/11/12
. Serves 2. 11 steps
2 tablespoons olive oil gently fry until soft but not browned Cover, cook 8 minutes or until fish is just beginning to flake
1/2 medium onion peeled, chopped
1 stick celery trim, slice finely
1 medium carrot trim, halve lengthways, slice diagonally
1 sprig rosemary   cook a few seconds, stirring
1 clove garlic peel, slice very finely
250g cooked lentils   bring to a gentle simmer
200ml stock
280g smoked cod or haddock   place on top and season
small handful parsley roughly chopped
ground pepper
Optionally, top with a poached egg