Smoked fish ring

Tags: main dish, made
. Serves 6. 19 steps
fish mixture Place lower half of choux ring on oven tray, fill with fish mixture, cover with top half. Bake in moderate oven 10 minutes or until heated through.
30g butter   Stir over medium heat until soft Stir in
1 medium onion finely chop
1 tablespoon seeded mustard   Stir in over heat 1 minute
375g smoked fish chop
250g baby mushrooms
3 green shallots chop
30g butter   Melt
2 tablespoons flour   Stir in, stir over heat 1 minute
1 1/2 cups milk   Remove from heat, gradually stir in. Return to high heat, stir constantly until boils and thickens
1/2 cup tasty cheese grate Stir in until melted and smooth
choux ring
1 cup water   Bring to boil, stirring, until butter is melted Place in a large piping bag without a tibe, pipe around 23cm circle on greased tray. Bake in hot oven 12 minutes, bake in moderate oven further 20 minutes or until browned and well puffed. Prick all over with skewer to release steam. Return to moderate oven 10 minutes, cool. Split ring in half, scoop out doughy centre, return to moderate oven 3 minutes or until dry and crisp.
75g butter chop
1 cup flour   Add all at once. Stir vigorously over medium heat until mixture leaves sides of pan and forms a smooth ball
4 eggs lightly beat   Add, beat well at low speed after each addition