Smoked fish terrine

Tags: made, starter
8 steps
125g white fish skin, bone, mince, chill gradually beat over ice Grease and line 750ml terrine. Fill with fish paste, asparagus and kipper, arranging the kipper inside a ring of asparagus in the middle. Cover with foil, cook in bain marie in slow oven. Allow to cool. Coat plates with aspic. Slice terrine, place on aspic.
125g kipper
1 tablespoon vermouth chill
125ml cream
salt and pepper
50g kipper
asparagus blanche, refresh
fish aspic
1/4oz gelatine Dissolve gelatine in stock. Should set in a chilled saucer in 10 minutes, and after 10 minutes at room temperature be soft but not rubbery
3/4pt fish stock
Garnish with a tomato skin rose and chives and flat leaf parsley to make a stem.
Kipper has so many bones that this is immensely tedious. Try some other fish.