Thai Pumpkin Soup

Tags: pumpkin, thai, soup, lemongrass
Created: 2015/02/07
Edited: 2015/02/07
. Serves 4. 13 steps
1 tablespoon oil   Sauté until shallots soft
1 clove garlic crushed
4 green shallots chopped
2 small fresh red chillis chopped
1 stick lemon grass chopped
2 small chicken stock cubes crumbled   add and bring to boil
2 cups boiling water
500g pumpkin chopped   add, simmer covered 10mins until soft
50ml coconut milk   stir in, simmer covered 5mins
1 tablespoon basil chopped   garnish
Don't add the coconut milk if you're going to refrigerate it.
When chopping lemon-grass, either chop it superfine so that people can eat it, or leave it long enough so it's easy to fish out.