Sultan's nanny's delight

Tags: dessert, instant pot, whole grain
Created: 2021/06/30
Edited: 2021/07/16 2021/07/17 2022/06/24
Depending on your point of view this tastes exotic and middle eastern, or comforting like rice pudding (though the wheat berries have more taste and chew), hence the name.
Makes 963g. Nutrition per 100g: 115kcal, 3.1g protein, 22.2g carbohydrate, 1.4g fat. 3 steps
196g (1cup) wheat or spelt berries   Pressure cook 30 minutes, then natural release. Drain the berries (producing 718g cooked, 126ml excess water)
750ml water
star anise
215ml milk   Cook together in a pot for about 20 minutes (after 30 minutes at Miele induction setting 4 it's just beginning to curdle)
101g dried mixed fruit
ground cinnamon
Serve cold, topped with chopped fruit and maybe a soft cheese
If made with spelt berries (again 1 cup = 196g), the macronutrients per 100g are: 145 kcal, 4.1g protein, 27.5g carbohydrate, 1.8g fat