Zrazy with mushrooms

Tags: made, Polish, main dish
. 13 steps
1/2 pint water cook Pour 1/2 cup mushroom stock and herbs over the browned zrazy, cover the saucepan tightly, and simmer over low heat for at least on hour
mushroom farce chop finely   brown Cover beef with a not too thick layer of farce. Roll up and tie with white cotton thread. Fry the rolls in butter until brown, adding onion if desired.
1 1/2 oz dried mushrooms
1 onion chop finely
salt and pepper   season
sirloin beef cut against grain into thin slices, pound
1 onion chop finely
5 grains pepper
2 grains allspice
1 bay leaf
1/4 pint sour cream blend   Flavour sauce with cream
1 teaspoon flour