Gingerbread House (2mins)

motionbox, viddler, tinypic
A slapstick comedy about a playmobile figure who builds a gingerbread house. Set to "My House" by Madness.
waltzing beans

Dancing Mexican Beans (1min)

youtube, google.
Mexican Dancing Beans. These dried beans have a small moth larva inside, and its twitches and spasms make the bean jump. Here the beans are dancing to Chopin's Minute Waltz.

Facial expressions: Friends (28secs)

youtube, google.
In the book Emotions Revealed, the author Paul Ekman argues that the chief human emotions (joy, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sadness) have the same facial expressions in all human peoples everywhere. This animation is set to Scatman.

Facial expressions: Family (29secs)

youtube, google.
I have tried to capture these expressions on film. So far I've only been able to capture a mysterious seventh emotion, goofy...  This animation is set to Perpetuum Mobile by the Comedian Harmonists.

Sunsets (90secs)

youtube, google.
Photos of beautiful sunsets from around the world.

Fireplace (75secs)

My fireplace as it burns away. Christopher Alexander wrote in "The Timeless Way of Building" that a fire which has that 'nameless quality' will burn quietly and completely, turning every last constituent into ash.

Stay In

Here's a small webcam game I wrote in Visual Basic. Up to four players hold an orb in their hands, and have to push each other out of view of the camera. It can get violent... Source code is here.
serban nichifor

Music to Dance Sticks By

Dracula's Souvenir, Little Sticky Dance, Sticky Dances,
Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Dance 4, Dance 5, Dance 6.
Prolific Serbian composer Serban Nichifor has composed a series of pieces accompanied by my Dancing Stick Figures. He presented them at the April 2007 "Visual Music Marathon", part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.