Planescape: Torment

Original text by Chris Avellone and Colin McComb. Novelization by Rhyss Hess.

  • Download the novel in PDF format, ready to print double-sided on A4 or Letter paper (1.5Mb)
  • Download the book in Word format, A5 page size (450k)
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  • Planescape: Torment is an emotionally deep, thoughtful computer game. You play an amnesiac immortal in search of his past and future. Rhyss Hess played through the game, wrote down all the dialog, and added enough narrative to make it flow like a novel.

    photo of book photo of book being opened photo of book with cover

    The PDF file of the novel, above, has already been formatted as a book. Print it out double-sided on A4 or Letter sized paper (120 sheets of paper). Then take it to a book-binders to have it bound.


  • The PDF file includes a black & white cover and, in a separate file, a colour flysheet. Remove this cover before having it bound!
  • All UPPER CASE TEXT has been turned into small-caps to make it easier on the eye. All text in *asterisks* has been turned into italics. All 'standard quotation marks' have been turned into ‘angled’ quotation “marks.”
  • The book was prepared in Word in A5 format and printed to postscript. The ps2ps utilities were used to reorder the pages into book order and to fit two (small A5) pages into one (large A4) page. Adobe Acrobat was used to rotate alternate pages so that it could be printed double-sided along the long margin.
  • photo of front cover detail

    The same novel is also available online, and in plain text format, and in different Word formatting, at

    photo of Vallese version of book

    There is also a different novel of the same name written by Ray and Val Vallesse. It is more shallow, and less faithful to the computer game, and aimed at a much younger audience. Available from