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by Lucian Wischik

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Dancing Stick Figures

Dancing Stick Figures - a plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp. The stick figures dance in time to the music. Written by Lucian Wischik, based on an original by Justin Frenkel.

Breakdancing Lobster in Windows Media Player

Many different stick figures - includes the original Dancing Stick Guy by Justin Frenkel, President Bush [top left] and the Breakdancing Lobster [below] by Lucian, Johnny5 by EvilBoris, Riverdancer by Around Midnight, and many more. There's also an editor, so it's easy to create your own stick figures.

Johnny5 in Winamp3, using Winamp's transparency feature

Installation - Download the program, and run it. 'Sticky' will be added to your visualisation menu next time you run the player. (This is a combined installer for Windows Media Player versions 7,8,9 and for Winamp versions 2 and 3.)

Uninstallation - Select Start | Settings | ControlPanel | AddRemovePrograms | Sticky, and click Okay.

Female of the Species in Windows Media Player