Marseilles tarot cards: copyright information

To the best of my knowledge these cards, having been produced in the 18th century, are not copyright. (Otherwise I wouldn't have put them on the internet!) I bought the deck at a local trinket shop and scanned the cards in. Here is all the information given with the deck:

The box cover says "The real tarot of Marseille — 78 cards and instructions." The two of coins and the box says "Made by Heraclio Fournier, vitoria, s/a, made in Spain" A piece of text in the box says "Traditional designs reinforced by a suggestive and beautiful colouring". (I didn't like the colours, which is why I scanned in greyscale). The two of cups says "Maritxu de Guler, specialiste du tarot. A. Aymerich, creation artistique" There is a leaflet inside that describes the meaning of cards, and how to perform readings. The cover of the leaflet says "The Tarot of Marseille. Maritxu de Guler. 1983" There is no other informative text anywhere.