Elite Space Travel

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These web pages use the DOM1, CSS2 and Javascript standards. They work on Internet Explorer 5 and 6, and Netscape 6. If you are using an older browser, and the web pages don't work, then I suggest you upgrade. Opera5 users must upgrade, since Opera doesn't support the DOM1 standard from www.w3.org.

The planetary data comes from the computer game Elite by David Braben and Ian Bell. Christian Pinder has re-written a new version. I use a modification of Christian's code. I also use images taken from the DOS version of Elite, by Chris Sawyer. I am currently pursuing permission from these people to use their work on my web page. Until that thime, these pages remain tentative. Someone else has also written a WAP version of elite trading, which also has the planets online. These web pages are written by me, Lucian Wischik.