We are a group of people who like to swim long distances in Lake Washington and in the Puget Sound.

The swims are informal and open to everyone. We've done fun 2-mile swims, marathon 6-mile swims, and ultra-marathon 12-mile swims. They're organized on an ad-hoc basis. We try to take things easy and make it fun -- no early starts, no superfast pace, and if possible with drinks at the end.

You'll surprise yourself by just how far you can swim in open water. It's not like a pool where quitting is easy. Long distance swimming is a mental exercise. If you swim out 1 mile until you're exhausted, then you have a choice: either walk back 1 mile on land, wet and cold in your swimsuit; or just swim back. It always turns out that swimming back is easier and you weren't as exhausted as you thought! "Save nothing for the journey back."

I've been making charitable donations for each swim. And I'm always on the lookout for boat or kayak escorts. If you're willing to escort a swim in your boat or kayak, then I'll donate to the charity of your choice. Please get in touch!