Marcus Wischik
Renaissance Man

The role of Helen of Troy in Doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus is an anti-intellectual play; it preaches that curiosity is dangerous. How helpful is this comment on the play?
How effectively does Hopkins describe both depression and its antidotes in his poetry?
What does Middlemarch reveal about marriage?
Middlemarch explores the ways in which social and spiritual energy can be frustrated
Are revengers compromised irredeemably by entangling themselves in the machinations of a vile and corrupt world?
Describe and analyse the qualities of a renaissance Machiavel as shown in the Spanish Tragedy and in Hamlet
Discuss the role of madness in the delay of revenge in the Spanish Tragedy and in Hamlet
Red Roses and Bloody Dogs: the language in Act IV Scene 3 of Richard III
What is a fermentor?
How and why do plants defend themselves?
To what extent is modern medical theory and practice influenced by its more primitive forms?
Is the European Union more concerned with the appearance rather that the reality of Democracy?
The existence of law is one thing; its merit or demerit is another
Burden of proof and relevance: heavy chairs and faulty fittings
On the transition from irrational to rational modes of proof
What is the legal status of voluntary human shields?
What law is applicable if State B intervenes against rebels on the territory of State A, without the consent of state A, but without any involvement on its part in the hostilities?
Establishing the boundaries of Europe: religion, human rights & democracy