Project: 10x

10x is a human pheromone recently discovered by DrCutler of the Athena Institutein America. My brothers gave me a phial of the stuff for my 18th birthday. This journal records my experiences with the product.

The pheromone comes in a 1/6 oz phial which you add to your aftershave. According to the Athena Institute this pheromone makes you more attractive to women. At a hundred dollars for such a tiny phial it is rather expensive -- but hey! if it works, then we'd gladly pay any amount!

An Update is available. However, due to certain local conditions (i.e. subjects having access to the web), updates will have to be done via email. Contact me at ...

16th May, 1998 My brothers got me a phial of Athena Pheromone10x for my 18th birthday. Only minor technical difficulties:
  • The stuff got held up in the post and hasn't arrived yet. But they did give be a beautiful glass bottle to put the stuff in when it finally comes.
  • I'm at Ampleforth College, an all-boys boarding school in the middle of nowhere, with no girls for miles and miles around!

  • Everyone at school reckon that I have really cool brothers; how right they are ...
    May 23rd, 1998 The Ampleforth Exhibition finally arrives. John Borrett has heard about the miracle I've supposedly received, and wants to try some out. Unfortunately, I've got no actual 10x, so I put some water into the bottle, and pretend it's the real stuff.
    May 24th
    Spoke with John. Apparently he had some success with the water. Things are not looking good for agent 10x ...
    July 19th
    Visit Lucian in Cambridge. Yippee - 10x has finally arrived. However, don't have much of an opportunity to test drive it.
    September 30th
    Started university, at Aberdeen.Looking forward to experimenting with the pheromone. But now another problem: I don't have any after-shave to put it in. Will email brothers for help.
    October 5th 1998 Logistical support (i.e. Lu) sends me two types of CK after-shave. Yippee! Agent 10x release is now imminent.
    October - November
    In this period, carried out numerous different combinations of after-shave and 10x concentration, on different target groups. Would seem to be the case that Americans are most susceptible. (To any of my female American friends - I didn't use it on you!). Could it just be that American woman are just fundamentally nicer and friendlier than British ones?
    December 2nd, 1998 Primary trials have come to an end. Have to start working of exams ...
    High probability the 'research' will continue ...
    January, 16th,
    Following the January exams, I've decided to begin another round of trials.