Windows Screen Saver Programming

including example code, and HowToScr technical documentation

If you already know a bit of Windows programming, this web site will help you turn your creativity into screen savers. You can always click on the bird at the top left to return to this page. Every screen needs a saver!

Example code

Five very basic savers.

  • Demonstrates jpegs, transparent sprites, playing/sampling audio, using zipped data, using zips/bitmaps/audio embedded as resources, 3d OpenGL, multi-monitor support, and integrated installation/uninstallation.
  • Includes project files for Visual C++6, Visual Studio .NET, Borland C++Builder 5.
  • See download links
  • .


A variety of technical notes, source code and links:-

  • Holistic screen savers - beginning to end, best practice for screen saver coding & distribution, with complete and minimal source code for several example savers.
  • How to write a 32bit screen saver - full technical details along with lots of code extracts. This describes the nuts and bolts and APIs of how a saver works.
  • Links to other screen saver development sites.


Here you can download screen savers that people have been emailed me after reading my technical articles. If you'd like me to add your savers to the page, please email me. Includes:-

  • ScrHots - turn the corners of your screen into hot corners to start the saver immediately. Great for interactive savers!


I used to sell a screen saver library. Largely superseded by the (free) example code to the top left. But the Borland C++Builder version still provides the best rapid visual development of savers.

By Lucian Wischik